The Screenpod SA-850E is a shredder with a difference. It provides the unique functionality of a shredder that is not only capable of removing a wide range of lightweight materials from conveyed waste streams itself but can also shred it down to size in the process, offering both material separation and reduction in a single pass from one package.

ShredAir SA-850E Shredder Fan

  • Easily implemented into any materials processing operation
  • Shreds wide variety of materials across vast range of applications
  • Heavy duty impeller with replaceable cutting blades
  • Adjustable cutting gap for variable material output sizes
  • Spring loaded fan cone for surge protection
  • 45KW electric motor with infinitely variable speed
  • User friendly interface for straightforward operation
  • Robust steel frame with lifting eyes and fork pockets for transport
  • Access doors and removable panels for service access
  • 5 emergency stops located around periphery of machine
  • Fast and easy setup with minimal assembly required
  • Mains connection plug for connecting to power supply
  • Vacuum head with universal brackets for mounting on any conveyor


  • Lightweight material removal and size reduction in a single pass
  • Can remove need for additional machines for further processing
  • Outstanding separation of lights and heavies from conveyed waste streams
  • Can reduce and ultimately replace need for manual sorting of materials
  • Higher rates of recycling and larger volumes of extracted material
  • Significantly faster method of separation than manual sorting
  • Can remove materials that can be sold to create new revenue streams
  • Reduce amount of waste destined for landfill, lowering disposal costs


  • Wood Recycling, Biomass & Compost Production
  • Construction & Demolition Waste Processing
  • Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) & Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) Production
  • Household Waste & Plastics Recycling
  • Paper & Cardboard Recycling

How it Works:

A vacuum head (or vac head) is positioned over the material stream as shown below. It’s connected to the inlet of the Shredair via a hose. As the impeller on the Shredair rotates, any light material passing under the vac head gets pulled up through it, getting sucked through the fan inlet.

Airvac - How it Works

The impeller of the Shredair has cutting blades on its edges. During operation, the impeller rotates at high speed, and as the incoming material passes through it, the cutting blades chop it against the inlet cone, thus shredding up the material and reducing its size.

Shred Air how it works

The material is then shot out of the outlet on the Shredair, where it can then be connected into a skip or area for collection, ultimately separating it from the heavy material on the conveyor and cutting it down to size in the process.

Vac Head

Vacuum Head:

  • Universal brackets for mounting on almost any existing conveyor frame.
  • Adjustable width to suit conveyor belts up to 1200mm (47”) wide
  • Lightweight steel construction giving outstanding durability

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