What are you doing about dust?

Screenpod Dust Cannon S-Series

Designed for effective dust control – The Screenpod Dust Cannon’s help minimise dust, reduce health risks & improve air quality.

How it works:

Water is pressurised through jet nozzles, transforming the water into a fine mist, a fan within the cowling then generates an airflow to disperse the mist. The mist latches to the dust particles, thus suppressing the dust.

Features & Benefits:

  • Robust Chassis – all components hot dip galvanised or zinc plated; perfect for demolition, steel and rental industry.
  • Electric tilt and automatic main valve
  • Automatic swing operation to disperse mist over a large area
  • Low Power consumption
  • Adjustable water flow to suit application requirements
  • Droplet size between 10-150 microns
  • Ideal for outdoor use – all round dust suppression for steel plants, crushing & recycling, mining, bulk handling and demolition.
Screenpod Dust Cannon S-Series

The S35 / S45 / S65 / S85 can be supplied as a road legal mobile unit which includes:

  • Road legal trailer-mounted Dust Cannon
  • 2500 litre water tank with easy fill bowser lid and ballvalve drainage point
  • On-board genset
  • Chequer plate and step up to the control area on the genset
  • On-board control panel for Dust Cannon functions, remote control can be added as an option

Rough terrain (site trailer) for a range of Dust Cannons:

  • 5000L or 7500L water tank mounted on a braked axle with rough terrain tyres
  • On-board genset available with all units
  • Both low & high level towing hitch to suit various site vehicles
  • Jacking legs on four corners to stabilize the tank while stationary
  • On-board control panel & optional remote control
Screenpod Dust Cannon S-Series
Screenpod Dust Cannon S-Series

Skid frame for S35 & S45:

  • 1200L water tank
  • On-board genset
  • Fork pockets on both X & Z axis along with 4 lifting eyes
  • Easy access doors at the rear to drain water pump
  • Can be mounted on plant trailers from 1900mm wide
  • On-board control panel for dust cannon functions, remote control can be added as an option

Tracked Dust Cannon:

  • S45 / S65 / S85 available on track frame
  • On-board genset
  • Track frame for easy movement around site
  • On-board electrical control panel complete with remote control to operate both the Dust Cannon & tracks
  • Designed to fit inside shipping containers
  • On-board water tank to feed the Dust Cannon
  • 2500L water tank
S65 Telescopic
Screenpod Dust Cannon S-Series

Wheeled Dust Cannon:

  • Wheeled frame for ease of movement around site
  • Heavy-duty frame & rough terrain tyres
  • Jockey wheel & jacking legs for stablisation
  • Both towing eye & ball hitch option. Can be towed by car, jeep, or site vehicle (e.g. loading shovel)
  • Our full range of Dust Cannons can be mounted on this frame

Telescopic Dust Cannon:

  • Available in S45/S65/S85 versions
  • Available on all trailer, tracked, wheeled & skid options
  • Cover a larger surface area by raising the dust cannon head up to 6.5m
  • Uses the same footprint as our standard dust cannons
Screenpod Dust Cannon S-Series

View the Screenpod Dust Cannon S-Series in Action!

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