For powerful dust control, Screenpod Dust Cannons offer cutting edge solutions and outstanding performance, significantly reducing health risks associated with dust and massively improving air quality across a wide variety of applications, from recycling yards and demolition sites, to quarries and ports.

Available in static, trailer and tracked versions, these machines are fast to set up and provide exceptional functionality from a compact and easily transported package that’s smoothly implemented into any operation, with minimal maintenance requirements and low operating costs, all controlled from a clear and straightforward user interface.

S65 Teletrack Dust Cannon

  • Can suppress dust within a 65m radius
  • 2750 litre water tank
  • 40KVA generator with built in display
  • Available in 50Hz and 60Hz versions
  • Electrical control panel with simple layout for straightforward operation
  • High speed fan and motor
  • Large volume water pump
  • Quick coupler for inlet water supply
  • Pump run dry protection
  • Inlet water filter with removable element for maintenance
  • 350 degrees of rotation
  • Automatic slew with adjustable stoppers to set angle of rotation
  • Electrically operated elevation
  • Telescopic Mast
  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Water nozzles producing a fine mist for supressing dust
  • Adjustable water output
  • Water drain valves
  • Tracked chassis offering excellent mobility


  • Massively reduces health & safety risks associated with dust
  • Hugely improved air quality
  • Removes airborne particulates
  • Protects the local environment
  • Improves visibility on site
  • Removes dust clouds around equipment when running
  • Establishes good local relations by minimising complaints about dust
  • Reduced clean up and maintenance costs


  • Wood Recycling & Production Plants
  • Construction & Demolition Waste Processing
  • Recycling Yards
  • Mining Operations
  • Concrete Production Plants
  • Demolitions Sites
  • Landfills
  • Ship Unloading & Ports
  • Scrap Metal Processing & Steel Mills
  • Cooling for Live Events & Industrial Applications

How it Works:

Atomised water droplets are sprayed from nozzles as a fine mist. A fan produces airflow that carries this mist over a given area. 

The atomised water droplets in the mist then bind with dust particles in the air, bringing them to the ground and removing them from the air, thus supressing the dust.

How it Works

Dust Suppression Equipment