When an effective solution for screening a huge variety of different materials in any given location is required, Screenpod Screening Buckets offer unparalleled versatility and performance, providing outstanding screening efficiency from a compact footprint that allows material to be screened anywhere, regardless of terrain or environment.

Available in a range of sizes to suit a vast range of both excavators and loaders, the incredibly robust design with minimal maintenance requirements and low operating costs can handle wet and sticky material without getting blocked, offering cost effective recycling without the need for another machine, as well as the ability to screen materials on site, ensuring costs are minimised and profits maximised.

S4150 Screening Bucket

  • Rapid setup time with straightforward operation
  • Incredibly robust design with wear resistant steel construction
  • Heavy duty chain drive with twin hydraulic motors
  • No case drain line required for hydraulics
  • 3 grain sizes as standard – 16mm, 24mm and 35mm
  • Unique shaft and rotor configurations can be provided for specialist materials
  • Shaft scraper blades for maximum uptime and performance
  • Minimal maintenance requirements with excellent service access
  • Can be fitted to wide range of both excavators and loaders


  • Superb screening efficiency with minimal footprint
  • Ability to screen material in any location
  • Can handle wet and sticky material without getting blocked
  • Cost effective recycling without need for another machine
  • Can operate in any environment no matter how harsh the conditions
  • Increased profits by screening materials on-site
  • Minimises unnecessary loading and movement of material, reducing costs
  • Can be used across a wide range of applications


  • Topsoil Screening
  • Peat Screening
  • Recycling Aggregates
  • Pipeline padding and cable excavation
  • Trench Filling
  • Sand Screening
  • Compost Screening and Aeration
  • Coal Reduction
  • Asphalt Millings Screening
  • Mulch Screening and Aeration
  • C&D Waste Screening
  • Soil Stabilisation Mixing
  • Glass Recycling